Security and Housekeeping Services

For safety and security we have reasonable number of security men constantly guarding DECC Nepal. Further more there are sufficient numbers of fire exits and fire extinguishers are placed at the reasonable distance. At DECC Nepal you don't need to worried for cleanliness and tidiness. A bunch of perfectly trained housekeepers perform their job beyond your expectation.

Internet and PABX Telephone Connection
DECC Nepal is a place where you can automatically got hook up anytime over the internet through your smart telecommunication gadget via Wi-Fi. We offer a wireless communication technology throughout the entire floor of DECC Nepal. 50 extensions PABX system, you can provide a telephone line at each an every shell of the exhibition hall.

Public Address system
PA system at DECC Nepal is designed with the latest technology for more convenience to the visitors, exhibitors and as well as organizers to communicate the message.

Power Back up system
We are equipped with a reliable power back up system that is capable of supporting any power that our clients may have.

With the parking which holds around 200 four wheelers and 300 two wheelers at single instant is the largest parking area that any venue had in Nepal

Escalator, Capsule Lift, and Service Lifts
Sufficient no of escalators and elevators including service lift is the most advantageous part in this venue through which physical accessibility is easier.

Commercial and Shopping area in the same building
UWTC the complex where our venue is located is the largest upcoming commercial complex of the city with various shopping outlets, restaurants and places for entertainment.

Other Services

1. First aid / Doctor on call
2. Purified drinking water
3. Goods Carriage services for exhibitions
4. Cable T/V on demand
5. Pay Phone / Card phone
6. Power Back up system

Value Added Services

1. Human Resources Support
Stand attendance

2. Logistic management services
Transportation services
Letter/documents -Circulation and Distribution

3. Printing and publishing and design services
Backdrop design
Stand design
Printing material required for the exhibition purpose

4. Advertising services
Commercial ad designing / publishing

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